Electric motor winding calculator

The winding calculator allows you to find the optimum winding layout for your electric motor in a fast and convenient way. You can investigate three-phase integer-slot, fractional-slot and concentrated windings, both with single and double winding layers where appropriate. You can compare the maximum fundamental winding factor for different combinations of number of poles and number of slots, display the winding layout for different coil spans, or evaluate the harmonic spectrum of the winding factor.

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Determine number of slots and number of poles

To get started, choose the approximate range of number of poles and number of slots that you are interested in. After updating the table, the drop-down list below lets you select whether to display the number of slots per pole per phase, the maximum possible fundamental winding factor, the number of winding symmetries, or the least common multiple between the number of poles and the number of slots in the table.


Investigate and edit specific winding layouts

Click on a cell in the above table in order to investigate which winding layouts are possible for that specific number of poles and number of slots.