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What is Emetor?

Emetor is a web-based design software for electrical machines. Based on finite element simulations, it is an accurate and powerful tool. Our motivation is to make Emetor as fast and intuitive as an analytical tool. Thus, Emetor is not only a comprehensive enterprise solution, but also a sought-after tool for training and education in the field of electrical machines.

The web-based educational version of Emetor which is used at renowned universities is always free of charge.

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Why Emetor?

Emetor runs online, e.g. no hardware requirements, no installation, no license problems, no local updates.

Fast computations enabled by parallel simulations processing in the cloud.

Flexible pricing, e.g. no initial software purchase, no recurring upgrade fees.

Easy and intuitive to use, get started immediately.

Trusted by major companies such as Bombardier Transportation and Atlas Copco Tools.

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Statistics! Emetor has now 2865 registered users, of which 164 were active last month. Together, they ran 429 simulations last month.

Latest news

Updated VAT percentages for EU customers (Apr 01)
The VAT percentages for private EU customers have now been updated in our shop according to new regulations.
Updated version of electric motor winding calculator at emetor.org (Jan 16)
It has never been that easy to investigate and choose the winding for an electrical machine than with the new winding calculator. See all the new features in this user guide video.
2014 Emetor user statistics (Jan 14)
2014 has been another fantastic year for Emetor. We would like to thank you all and wish you a lot of success with your electric motor designs and projects during 2015.

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"Emetor is an excelent tool and has improved our efficiency in designing electrical motors."
Peter Kjellqvist
Pre Development Manager
Atlas Copco Tools, Tooltec Division
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"The cooperation with Emetor was very smooth thanks to their flexibility and customer focus."
Åsa Sandberg
Project leader
Bombardier Transportation
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