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With the winding calculator you can conveniently and fast find the optimum configuration for your electric motor winding. You can investigate integer-slot, fractional-slot and concentrated windings, both single and double layer windings. You can compare the maximum fundamental winding factor for different combinations of number of poles and number of slots, display and compare the winding layout for different coil spans, or display and compare the harmonic spectrum of the winding factor for different electric motor windings.

To get started, choose if you want to display the number of slots per pole per phase, the maximum fundamental winding factor, the number of winding symmetries, or the least common multiple between the number of poles and the number of slots. Make your choice in the drop-down list below.


Color code

            Integer slot winding
            Fractional slot winding
            Concentrated winding
            Unbalanced winding
Number of poles
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Number of slots
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Details for a specific number of slots and number of poles

Please choose a cell in the above table to display details about it. Those winding configurations that are not checked as Store will be discarded.

Harmonics Store Winding layout Number
of poles
of slots
Coil span in
slot pitches
Reduction of coil span
compared to full pitch
in slot pitches
Number of layers Fundamental
winding factor