Magnet radius

Surface radius of a breadloaf magnet.

The dimensions of breadloaf magnets are defined by their radius, the magnet thickness, and the magnet width. Fig. 1 shows the definition of the magnet radius on the example of a 4-pole machine design. If the magnet radius is chosen much larger than the rotor radius, the magnet shape will become essentially rectangular! Please be aware that the magnet thickness is different for all four examples in Fig. 1.

Example 1 of magnet radius
Example 2 of magnet radius
Example 3 of magnet radius
Example 4: Rectangular magnets

Fig. 1 Example of magnet radius definition: 1) Magnet radius < Rotor radius, 2) Magnet radius = Rotor radius, 3) Magnet radius > Rotor radius, 4) Magnet radius >> Rotor radius.

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