Finite Element Analysis of Electrical Machines

Finite Element Analysis of Electrical Machines
Sheppard J. Salon
Springer 1995
Published in 1995, this was the first book devoted solely to the finite element analysis of electrical machines.

This book covers the two-dimensional finite element analysis of electrical machines from its basics all the way to its practical application in synchronous and induction machines. Illustrated with many results and several tutorial-like examples, it explains how to setup and solve a finite element simulation. It then discusses how to compute losses, resistances, inductances, force and torque from the resulting magnetic potential. This book has helped me with many practical issues, especially:

Since this book was published back in 1995, more recent topics such as permanent magnet machines or iron loss calculations are not at all or only very elementarily treated. Anyway, if you can put your hands on an official Indian reprint of this book, it is definitively worth the money.

About the author

Sheppard J. Salon is a professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.

Alternative reading

Electrical Machine Analysis using Finite Elements by Nicola Bianchi, CRC Press 2005.

Electromagnetic Modeling by Finite Element Methods by João Pedro A. Bastos, Nelson Sadowski, CRC Press 2003.

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