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Release 2015-06-01: Free simulations with non-linear material properties for everybody RSS icon

Posted on June 1, 2015

With our updated license and subsription terms, we are glad to announce that everybody can now run simulations with non-linear material properties free of charge.

Emetor does no longer have an educational version, but does now offer the professional version with all features free of charge for everybody. As a consequence, we do not sell credits anymore, which did not generate enough revenues with regard to the costs for transaction fees and the necessary administrative workload, especially with the new EU regulations in place. As of today, Emetor is therefore completely financed by advertisement only.

Existing customers with a positive credit balance do still have the benefit that they can start simulations with non-standard mesh densities. They do also have the possibility to run offline simulations, in case that the Emetor simulation enginge should be down due to technical problems. Those simulations will always cost at least 1 credit.

Finally, we have updated our license and subscription terms in order to adapt to this release update. If you have any issues with the new terms, please get in contact with us before July 1, 2015.

With these changes in place, we are confident that Emetor will continue to grow in popularity and stay online for a long time to come! Happy simulating!

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