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Posted on December 22, 2015

Many customers have decided to donate their remaining credits to charity now that all Emetor credits have expired - thank you very much. As a direct consequence, Emetor stays up and running even during 2016, completely free of charge!

For quite some time it has not been possible to buy Emetor credits anymore. Now, we decided to expire all remaining Emetor credits as well. Customers requesting a refund should have received their money by now. Surprisingly, many customers did decide to donate their remaining credits to charity, and I have personally doubled their donations.

CharityUser donationsMy donationGrand total
Unicef€ 150.8€ 150.8€ 301.6
Emetor€ 189.9€ 189.9€ 379.8

The donation to Unicef will help to buy 710 bags of nutritious nut cream to be distributed to children in demand - thank you all very much for making this possible. The donation to Emetor will ensure that Emetor stays up and running also during 2016, by paying the bills for server hosting and computational power for the FEM solver. I am very glad that so many among you decided to support Emetor - thank you!

Should you have expired credits remaining, please let me know if you prefer a refund or a donation to charity. Happy simulating!

Stephan Meier, CEO Emetor AB

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